Are you looking for a customized, inventive website and community management with outstanding content for your business? DARE US. Or perhaps you are looking for a digital campaign strategy and everything that is LinkedIn to it, then don’t hesitate, DARE US!

Clients & Brands


If you want to see us very serious, come to our publishing department. We dare ourselves to inform and educate FMCG and HoReCa business sector, as well as the marketing&advertising industry. And if you think that’s boring, you’re definitely wrong. Thirsty for information on daily bases, we find it challenging, very dynamic and fun. While meeting people, attending events, chasing trends, praising brands… we deliver the only B2B magazines in these sectors in Macedonia – InStore and InHoreca and we update the unique AdToDate web portal. Take a peek on the links below! And, the books we love become the books we publish.


We listen, we imagine, we travel far away from stereotypes, we create new experiences and we deliver. So, stop staring! Dare us and expect something outstanding, positive, interesting and completely different for your brand, campaign, project or company. With every new challenge we push the boundaries. We dive deep or jump high. And yes, we are a funny crew of creatives and thinkers who are hardworking, persistent and always ready to have fun. Don’t have second thoughts, DARE US!


Verica Martinovska Ideas Manager
Hristina Despotovska Magic Maker
Meri Katalinic Opportunity maker
Ana Jovanovska Visual Virtuoso
Todor Trajkovski Design Guru
Aleksandar Gocev The Coder
Alma Rastoder Headliner
Spase Stojanovski Promo King
Martin Jovevski CreARTive
Violeta Vidoevska Chaos Coordinator
Srme Serafimovska Deals Creator
Danche Draginova Curiournalist
Sunchica Stojanovska Curiournalist
Marija Dimulkova Zdravevska Copywriter


DRP Kliker Marketing, Dimitar Berovski 9, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia; Tel: +389 2 3067 572; E-mail: